4 Tips to Maintain Polished Concrete Floors

A polished concrete floor is an excellent way to create a glossy, attractive finish to your concrete without spending an excessive amount of money. They are more resistant to chemicals and weather than bare concrete as well.

When properly maintained, these floors can last over a decade! For some, maintaining that distinct glossy finish can be a difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be!

Below, we will go over some tips to ensure that maintaining your polished concrete floors isn’t more difficult than it has to be!

1. Create a Routine Maintenance Schedule

When you create the schedule for maintaining your polished concrete, you should keep the amount of traffic that it will endure in mind. For example, if the floor will be receiving foot traffic most hours of the day and night, you’ll want to consider setting an evening and morning schedule.

A routine maintenance schedule is extremely important as it doesn’t take much time for dirt and debris to accumulate and wear down the polished finish. These particles will quickly create what is referred to as a sandpaper effect that will slowly eat away at the finish and cause the concrete to fade and become rough.

Making a schedule will allow you to prevent this from happening and preserve the finish of your floor for years to come. Not to mention, following a schedule will keep maintenance from becoming a tedious chore and allow it to simply become a daily habit!

2. Using the Right Tools for the Job

Having a routine schedule is important for maintaining the floor. However, it will not matter if you’re not using the right tools for the job.

There are two cleaning methods typically used for polished concrete depending on the size of your space, manual and automatic. Both of these methods have specific tools to keep the sheen on your floor looking good.

You’ll want to stick to manual cleaning for smaller areas while larger areas may necessitate the use of automatic cleaning equipment.

Manual Cleaning Tools

A dust mop with a microfiber pad should be used daily to remove any abrasive particles. The microfiber pad should be used as it will prevent any scratches from forming on the floor.

When wet mopping is required, you should stick to mops with a softer head to also prevent scratching from occurring. Always use a clean mop and clean water whenever you mop.

Another part of manual cleaning is that you should try to clean spills and stains from the floor as quickly as possible. Doing so will prevent any spills from absorbing into the surface of the concrete.

Automatic Cleaning Tools

If you have a large expanse of polished concrete that you need to clean daily, you may benefit from the use of automatic cleaning equipment. A floor scrubber with a nonabrasive is the most common form of automatic cleaning tools used on polished concrete.

You should be sure that the wheels on the scrubber are rubber and use the correct type of cleaning pad. White pads are preferred as they are soft and made to protect high-gloss floors. Soft beige pads can also be used as they will not dull the shine or harm the floor.

3. Using Appropriate Cleaners

If you need to wet mop your polished concrete, you’ll need to use a cleaner. Mopping with water alone will leave the majority of the dirt on the surface. Avoid using harsh cleaners as they will damage the polished finish. Stick with neutral floor cleaners to maintain the concrete’s shine.

When you use a cleaner, be sure to allow it to sit long enough to break down any grime and suspend the particles, making them easier to mop up. If you apply the cleaner and mop it immediately it will not have time to breakdown the grime.

Always mop up any cleaner that you apply and never let it dry on the floor. If you allow the cleaner to dry, it can leave dull the finish or even discolor areas of the floor. If you have a large space to cover, you can simply apply the cleaner to small sections at a time to ensure that you have enough time to clean it before it dries.

4. Avoid Using Harmful Elements

There are several elements to avoid using that can damage polished concrete. These can include wax, tape, and degreaser. Contact with water should also be avoided for the first few days after installation.

Polished concrete doesn’t need waxing to maintain its shine. Wax can actually dull the finish on polished concrete. The adhesives used in the tape will also dull the floor’s shine. Degreasers should be avoided because they are abrasive and will discolor and dull the finish of the floor.

Finishing Up

That finishes up our tips to help you maintain your polished concrete floor! These tips should help you keep your floor looking great for years to come without needing repairs or re-polishing.