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Concrete grinding and polishing was first created to stop concrete spalling and dusting in industrial facilities. With the introduction of colors and decorative effects like etching, polished concrete floors have become as beautiful as they are functional. Polished concrete is now a popular choice for commercial properties like hotel lobbies, retail stores, and medical facilities as well as interior home flooring and garage flooring.
Want an ultra-durable and hardworking floor system that can last a lifetime with an eye-catching and custom design? Here’s how our polished concrete contractors in Houston, TX can give you the perfect floor solution.
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    Polished Concrete Contractors
    Our Houston concrete floor polishing contractors can transform your business or home with beautiful and durable polished concrete floors.
    Polished Concrete Garage Floor

    Polished Concrete

    Garage Floor
    Curious how we achieve richly colored, high-gloss floors with depth and personality? Our concrete grinding and polishing involves several steps to achieve a beautiful polished concrete floor that’s completely you. As one of the leading concrete polishing companies in Houston, we start with thorough floor preparation. Our polished concrete contractors repair damage to the floor like spalling, cracks, and oil stains before we begin to ensure flawless results.
    Concrete polishing involves applying a densifier chemical to your concrete to seal the pores and increase surface density. As this chemical penetrates the concrete, it causes a chemical reaction. The byproduct of this reaction creates a harder surface to reduce pitting and make the concrete less porous.
    We start with a rough grind using a 20-grit diamond grinding disc and move on to finer products until we achieve your desired finish.
    This grinding and polishing process can be combined with one or several stains of your choice to get the look you want, whether you appreciate the rich, saturated colors of solvent-based stains or you like the natural tones and mottled effect of acid stains. We can even use saw cutting techniques to add designs, patterns, and multi-colored effects.

    Customized Polished

    Concrete Floors
    Who says polished concrete needs to be boring? Our polished concrete contractors in Houston can customize the look of your interior polished concrete.
    Polished concrete interior floors are highly customizable to get just the look you want. You can choose the level of sheen you want ranging from a matte finish to ultra-high gloss. When pouring new concrete, you can also choose decorative aggregate that’s exposed during the grinding process.
    The customization doesn’t stop there. A stained polished concrete floor in Houston, TX is a cost-effective way to revitalize and beautify existing concrete floors. Acid stains are a popular choice for achieving a unique mottling effect in a variety of earthen shades. Acid stains react chemically with the concrete to achieve a variegated look like marble. Solvent-based stains are capable of achieving bright, solid primary colors, even without topical sealers on the floor. You can mix and match stains to get the look you want and combine them with saw cutting to create patterns, geometric shapes, and more.
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    Why You’ll Love

    Polished Concrete Floors
    Our polished concrete contractors love installing polished concrete because it produces dramatic and permanent effects that can add stunning visual appeal to any interior or exterior space.
    Concrete grinding and polishing can transform a dusty, dark garage into an amazing space you’ll love to show off or even create a colorful and custom patio.