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    Concrete Polishing Houston, Texas

    Just ten years ago, polished concrete in Houston, Texas wasn’t considered much more than a commercial floor system. With a greater range of customization options and increasing awareness among homeowners, polished concrete floors have become an in-demand solution for basement, garages, and living areas.
    Polished concrete has a lot to offer. A stained polished concrete floor can blend seamlessly with your decor, make your home feel clean and open, and withstand all types of abuse, even pets and moisture. A polished concrete floor can be rustic and comfortable, industrial, or sleek and modern depending on how it’s customized.
    Whether you’re interested in turning your drab and dark basement into something amazing or you want a non-conventional and low-care flooring system for your main floor, our polished concrete contractors can deliver. Our concrete grinding and polishing in Houston is a cost-effective solution that produces dramatic results.
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    Benefits of Concrete

    Polishing Service

    Polished concrete may not be the traditional choice but it has a lot to offer, even in residential settings. Here’s why homeowners love polished concrete floors in Houston.
    Low Cost Solution

    Low-Cost Solution

    If you have an existing concrete slab that you want to finish, you can’t beat polished concrete in terms of cost. You won’t need to pay for a floor covering because polishing transforms your concrete into an existing floor. It doesn’t require much maintenance and it will last a lifetime for the ultimate investment.
    Bright Reflective Surface

    Bright, Reflective Surface

    Polished concrete instantly brightens any room by reflecting light from its glossy surface. This makes it an ideal solution for any area that can benefit from extra light, including the basement, garage, windowless rooms, and dark laundry rooms.
    Works with Radiant Heating

    Works with Radiant Heating

    Radiant floor heating is one of the most efficient ways to heat your home by heating your floor, which radiates heat upward. Concrete is the ideal floor system for radiant heating systems because concrete offers excellent thermal conduction.
    Durable Floor System

    Durable Floor System

    Floors are subjected to a lot of abuse. From sliding heavy furniture and dropped objects to spills, chemicals, floods, and pets, you want a floor that’s up to the challenge. Our concrete polishing service in Houston, TX densifies and seals the surface of your concrete to make it tougher than normal concrete. It can withstand everything, including pet nails and accidents and stains.
    Permanent Flooring Solution

    Permanent Flooring Solution

    Traditional floor systems can cost thousands or tens of thousands but they will eventually need to be replaced or refinished. If you’re looking for a more permanent solution that will withstand heavy use and stand the test of time, polished concrete is a great choice. concrete polishing service transforms your existing concrete into a finished floor system that will last a lifetime.
    Survives Flooding

    Survives Flooding

    If you’re looking for a long-lasting floor solution for your basement, nothing will give you peace of mind like polished concrete. There’s no need to bother with carpet, linoleum, and laminate flooring that will need to be thrown away if your basement floods or your sump pump fails. Polished concrete can withstand flooding with no harm done.
    Easily Customizable

    Easily Customizable

    Don’t make the mistake of assuming polished concrete needs to be gray and high-gloss. Our concrete floor polishing contractors can customize your concrete floor with stains, saw cutting, and different finish options. Stained polished concrete floors can be vibrant or earth-toned, matte or ultra high-gloss, solid color or patterned, and everything in between.
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    Decorative Polished Concrete Options
    It’s a common misconception that polished concrete all looks the same: reflective, bright, and gray. The truth is a polished concrete floor in Houston, TX can be customized in many ways. With acid stains, integral colors, and solvent-based dyes, we can produce striking colorful polished concrete that blends seamlessly with your home decor.
    Acid stains are a popular way to achieve a mottled appearance like marble in earthen colors for neutral and subtle effects.
    If you want bright, primary colors, we can use solvent-based dyes to achieve bright colors with polishing. Newer solvent-based dyes are designed to carry color into the slab with acetone to deliver a wider range of color options and a more solid, vibrant appearance that only gets better when the surface is polished.
    Polished Concrete Garage Floor
    Polished Concrete Garage Floor
    Who says you need to settle for a dusty, dark, and ugly garage?
    Whether you want a clean space to work on your hobbies or you just appreciate a tidy space for storing belongings, polished concrete is a great choice for a finished garage.
    Polished concrete floors in Houston offer an affordable garage floor system that makes your garage floor more resistant to damage and stains from road salt and automotive fluids. We can also customize the look of your garage with vibrant stains to make you the envy of the neighborhood.
    Polished Concrete Interior Floors
    We offer concrete polishing service in Houston, TX.
    If you’re tired of maintaining carpet, tile, or hardwood or you want a unique floor solution that makes your home look and feel more open and cleaner, consider polished concrete.
    Believe it or not, your ground floor may already have concrete floors under your existing flooring.This hardworking floor system can blend seamlessly with almost any style, including rustic, industrial, and modern. We offer concrete polishing service in Houston, TX for all types of living areas like bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, and living rooms.
    Polished Concrete Interior Floors
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      Are polished concrete floors durable?
      Polished concrete is an incredibly durable and low-maintenance surface. This very hard-wearing surface will not dent or chip like tile, it is highly resistant to stains unlike carpet and linoleum, and it won’t suffer water damage like hardwood, carpet, and laminate. It can withstand pets, including claws and accidents, heavy loads, dragged furniture, and much more without showing wear and tear. You would have trouble finding a more durable floor system than polished concrete.
      How do you polish concrete?
      As a leading concrete polishing company in Houston, TX, we use a multi-stage approach to transform dull, stained concrete into a beautiful, vibrant surface. We use a special densifier chemical that’s applied to the concrete to fill the pores and densify the surface. The concrete will be prepped and we will start with 20-grit rough grinding. The surface will be further honed and polished by using successively finer products. This is called lapping. We continue polishing until we achieve the finish level you want. Polished concrete can be stopped early to produce a flat finish or we can continue up to 3000-grit for a mirror-like shine.
      Depending on the look you want, we can combine grinding and polishing with aggregates for new concrete as well as stains, anti-slip additives, and more. Etching and staining can be used to add vibrant colors and patterns to your floor to mimic the look of other materials like stone or create something completely you.
      Are polished concrete floors more prone to cracking than regular concrete?
      When installing concrete anywhere, keep in mind it will crack to some degree. All concrete cracks regardless of installation technique, quality, or location. Still, experienced installation and preparation does reduce the risk of cracks and helps control where the cracks will develop. Concrete cracks initially while it’s curing and then over time as it expands and contracts. Polished concrete floors aren’t more prone to cracks than other concrete. Some homeowners like the rustic appearance of cracks in the floor while others choose to have them repaired.