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Polished Concrete, Acid Stains, and Epoxy Coatings

Warranty, Pricing, and More

Here at Concrete Polishing Houston, we provide a long list of services to our industrial, commercial, and residential clients. Our technicians provide services to any job/project our clients need that do not fall under the price of $2,500. We provide high-end materials with record time installations, but you can expect a price range of $1-$6 per square foot. With us, your floors are covered by warranty, so you don’t have to worry about our work from start to finish and after!

Polished Concrete

For our commercial and industrial clients, polished concrete can be an affordable and long-lasting surface. With professionally polished concrete business owners can have a surface that is incredibly resistant, bright, and much stronger than plain concrete! We offer incredible prices and quick services for business clients who call for their concrete to be polished.

Learn about Acid Stains

Our residential and commercial clients have loved our technicians’ abilities to form beautiful works of art on their concrete surfaces. Acid stains do not chip, crack, or peel away from your concrete surface creating a look that will last through wear and tear, chemicals, weather, and so much more. Call now to learn more about our company’s acid staining process.

More on Epoxy Coatings

Make your floor stronger, more resistant, and jaw-dropping with our many options of epoxy coatings. Choose from decorative epoxy coatings to subtle standard epoxy installations. All clients are welcome to call our professionals to learn more about what we can do! We offer different colors, patterns, and even texture differences for your floors.

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We will travel over 200 miles from our home base to come and service you. With almost three decades of experience, you are taken care of by experienced hands when you call Concrete Polishing Houston. With our one-year warranty and guaranteed satisfaction, there isn’t anything you have to worry about. Call now to learn more.

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