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    If you are a home or business owner in the Houston, Texas area, you are aware of the benefits of having concrete floors installed. Concrete is aesthetically pleasing, durable, low-maintenance, and easy to clean. One downside of concrete is its lack of shine or gloss. Many people make the mistake of assuming that polished concrete is more challenging to maintain than regular concrete because it has a shiny finish. However, this is simply not true.
    While polished concrete does have a shiny appearance, it actually requires less maintenance than traditional concrete because it resists staining better due to its smoother surface. Polished concrete can be used in both commercial buildings as well as residential homes for driveways, patios, pool decks, outdoor walkways, or even for indoor utility areas such as garages or workshops where water spills are likely to occur!

    Whether you are interested in having concrete floors polished for the standard benefits that they provide or would like to give your property a fresh new look with an aesthetically pleasing floor finish, Luwin Concrete Coatings is committed to your satisfaction. We are proud of our vast array of polishing services and the variety of color options available for concrete coatings. Not only do we offer numerous application methods for our client’s convenience, but all work performed by Luwin Concrete Coatings comes with a warranty. This is because every member of our team is dedicated to exceptional service and customer care before, during, and after the project process begins.



    If you are ready to transform the appearance of your concrete floor, polishing services are an excellent option. There are many benefits associated with choosing polished concrete for your home or business.

    Extreme Durability

    Polished concrete is a hard, durable material that can handle heavy foot traffic and vehicle traffic. Because it is so strong, polished concrete flooring resists staining better than other surfaces. This means the need for frequent cleaning or resealing is not necessary.

    Aesthetic Appeal

    Concrete floors will transform any space from dull and boring to fresh and inviting. Polished concrete offers an aesthetically pleasing appearance with polish adding color, depth, and texture as well as allowing for added design elements such as stone aggregate fleck or faux paint effects. The final result is a unique look that cannot be achieved by painting conventional concrete floors.

    Customizable Options

    Radiant floor heating is one of the most efficient ways to heat your home by heating your floor, which radiates heat upward. Concrete is the ideal floor system for radiant heating systems because concrete offers excellent thermal conduction.

    Increase Property Value

    Adding polished concrete floors can increase property value by as much as 10%. Although there may be an initial expenditure for installation services, over time, the overall costs associated with maintenance will decrease. With these added benefits, it’s no wonder why more home or business owners in Houston are turning to polished concrete flooring at their properties!

    Reflective Surface

    The polished concrete itself has a slight sheen that reflects light, increasing the brightness in areas such as garages or underground parking spaces. You might be surprised by how light and open a previously dark or cramped space can feel after adding polished concrete flooring.

    Even In Wet Areas

    Concrete is a non-porous material that is also extremely hard, which makes it ideal as a tile floor as it will not absorb water. It provides maximum slip resistance to reduce the risk of accidents due to wet floors. It’s easy to see why polished concrete is perfect for areas such as garages!

    Permanent Flooring Solution

    Unlike other concrete flooring options such as epoxy coatings or paint, polished concrete floors are a permanent solution that cannot be easily damaged. They also provide natural beauty and an exceptional shine that can last decades. If you are looking for concrete polishing services in Houston, TX, or the surrounding areas, Luwin Concrete Coatings provides reliable and affordable solutions.

    We Are The Number One Concrete Polishing Company In Houston!

    We Offer Precise Coloring Services

    If you want to enhance the look of your polished concrete flooring, color can be added during the polishing process. We offer precise coloring services that allow us to personalize your concrete covering according to your specifications. The use of color throughout a surface area will add interest and excitement while also highlighting design elements such as stone aggregate fleck or faux paint effects. Colors can be subtle, bold, bright, dark – whatever you desire! There are no limitations when it comes to our color options.
    Acid stains are a popular way to get a mottled look like marble in earthen hues for subtle and neutral effects. We may use solvent-based dyes to create bright colors with polishing if you want brilliant, primary colors. Newer solvent-based dyes are meant to carry color into the slab with acetone to provide a wider selection of colors and a more solid, vibrant appearance that only improves when the surface is polished.
    At Luwin Concrete Coatings, we provide professional concrete coating services throughout Houston and the surrounding areas. Our high-quality polished concrete floors can be found in homes and other properties throughout the area. We have worked with various residential clients such as homeowners, realtors, builders, and contractors to create polished concrete surfaces that exude beauty and elegance. You won’t believe the look of your home once you have new polished concrete with a stunning appearance.
    An Affordable Choice for Texas Homeowners

    Residential Concrete Polished Flooring

    For businesses in Houston, polished concrete floors may be the perfect option. More and more commercial clients are choosing Luwin Concrete Coatings’ polished concrete for its durability, aesthetic appeal, slip-resistant surface, low maintenance requirements, affordability, and color options. We can create a floor that reflects your company’s individual style while simultaneously adding value to your property. The polished concrete floors that we create are sure to enhance your business!
    We offer concrete polishing service in Houston, TX.

    Commercial Concrete Polished Flooring

    Reliable And Trustworthy Concrete Polishing Services

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      What Are The Benefits Of Concrete Polishing?

      Polished concrete floors can provide a beautiful appearance with few maintenance requirements. They resist damage due to impact, thermal cycling, and abrasion. Finally, polished concrete flooring is environmentally friendly as it is created using just resources found in nature without any petrochemicals or toxic materials.

      What Are Some Common Application Areas For Polished Concrete?

      Concrete polishing works well in wet areas such as garages and kitchens, but it can also be used virtually anywhere indoors or outdoors! You may find that we have created polished surfaces for your home, office space, retail store, restaurant, hotel/motel – you name it!

      How Do You Polish The Concrete?

      Luwin Concrete Coatings will resurface the concrete using diamond grinding tools so that it is smooth and even. The concrete may be polished to a lighter or darker color, depending on your desired look.

      How Long Does It Take To Polish Concrete?

      It usually takes just one day to prepare the floor surface for polishing, which might start in the morning. Polishing can last all day, but this will depend on how much square footage is being covered. If you have specific timing needs, let us know! We are happy to accommodate you as best as possible.

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