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As leading polished concrete contractors in Houston, Texas, we have decades of combined experience installing polished concrete in residential and commercial settings.
Not sure if polished concrete floors in Houston are right for your home? Here’s what you should know about our process and how our polished concrete contractors can deliver beautiful, low-care flooring suitable for almost any area of your home
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    How Concrete Grinding

    and Polishing Works

    We produce beautiful polished concrete with a mechanically polished technique that does not require a topical coating that will wear away.
    Mechanical polishing densifies and hardens the surface of the concrete up to 10x its normal strength to resist stains, cracks, and damage. Once concrete grinding and polishing is complete, the surface will feel as smooth as glass.
    Our polished concrete contractors use a process similar to sanding wood: commercial-grade grinding machines use diamond-impregnated discs to gradually grind down the surface of the concrete with progressively finer grits. After a rough grind, we apply a densifier chemical to the surface that hardens and densifies the concrete surface and enables a fine polish. We continue polishing with finer products until we achieve the shine you want which may be honed or matte or very high-gloss.
    The concrete grinding process doesn’t remove as much of the surface as you would think. In most cases, just 1.6mm of the floor’s surface will be removed without extending into the concrete aggregate. For a terrazzo look, up to 6mm of the surface may be removed.
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    Here are some common questions from customers.Questions About Polished Concrete
    Still have questions about installing polished concrete in Houston?
    Does concrete polishing make the floor slippery?
    It’s a common misconception that concrete floors are more slippery than regular concrete. While slip resistance is always a concern with concrete, the highly polished surface of polished concrete doesn’t make the floor more slippery. In fact, the amount of shine isn’t directly related to skid resistance at all. Professional concrete grinding and polishing creates a safe floor that exceeds ADA and OSHA standards for slip resistance and coefficient of friction (COF). The greater the polish, the higher the standard COF because greater polishing creates a flatter surface that reduces the risk of hydroplaning when the floor is wet.
    Why polish concrete?
    There are many advantages to choosing concrete floor polishing in Houston. The polishing process creates an incredibly durable floor that’s easy to maintain, slip-resistant, stain-resistant, and very bright. Polished concrete in Houston offers a very long life expectancy, especially in residential settings such as a polished concrete basement floor. It’s easy to clean without waxes or chemicals and it isn’t slicker than regular concrete. The light reflectivity of the polished surface makes any space brighter and more welcoming, especially in a basement or garage. It can also be engraved and stained to add personalization, colors, and decorative effects.
    How long does polished concrete last?
    Concrete grinding and polishing produces permanent results. The shine of the floor is not from acrylic, wax, or another coating that eventually fails. Only with heavy use will re-polishing be required at some point.
    Can polished concrete be customized?
    You have probably seen a lot of polished concrete in your life, even if you never paid it much attention. Concrete polishing is often used for grocery stores, business lobbies, and warehouses but it’s increasingly used in residential settings thanks to its versatility. There are many ways to customize the appearance of polished concrete. When new concrete is poured, you can choose decorative aggregate which is then exposed through the polishing process for a one-of-a-kind floor. New concrete is also a good opportunity to add integral color for vibrant and permanent color. We can polish the floor to your specified shine level ranging from honed to high-gloss and use a range of dyes to add beautiful color to your floor. Multiple colors can be combined for a mottled or leathered effect. With saw cuts, we can mimic the look of natural stone tile or add custom engravings, logos, or graphics. There are almost no limits to the patterns, styles, and colors our polished concrete contractors can achieve.