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Acid staining can take place on any concrete surface, indoor or outdoor, and add beautiful earth tone colors to those surfaces. Acid stains create a unique and subtle pattern as the mixture chemically reacts with the concrete itself. Our team here in Houston has been working with acid stains for over 10-years, whatever the goal for your floors is we can help. As licensed and experienced professionals, we dedicate ourselves to customer satisfaction.
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    Our acid stain materials are great for clients who are looking for natural tones that create unique design opportunities. Acid stain projects should only be performed by licensed professionals who know how to properly handle the required chemicals. For more information, give us a call
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    Acid Stain:

    What & Why
    An acid stain mixture is made up of inorganic metallic salts in an acidic and water solution. This mixture chemically reacts to your concretes surface which allows stains to etch their way into your concrete. Once the full chemical reaction has taken place an acid stain becomes part of the concrete and will not chip, fade, or peel.
    You cannot always predict with certainty a color that acid staining will produce on different surfaces. Each situation is different, meaning, each surface will allow the acid stain to penetrate its pores at different degrees. Acid stains produce beautiful earth colors like blues, greens, browns, tans, etc.
    It is important to be aware:
    • That acid stain colors can have variations.
    • That acid stain colors look different when they are liquid compared to when it reacts with a surface.
    • Some acid stain surfaces do not settle into their color until several hours after the project has been completed.
    It is important for one of our professionals to do the project. Too many people forget that acid stains are permanent and can be dangerous. Acid-based chemicals can be corrosive and harm can come to you or others if you attempt to stain concrete on your own.
    Some of the most common reasons why people choose acid stain work for their concrete are:
    • Budgeting
    • Special effects
    • Versatility
    • Distinctiveness

    Benefits of

    Acid Stain Concrete Surfaces
    Now you know what an acid stain is, so why are people asking for this work to be done?
    PAcid stained concrete floors, whether they’re indoor or outdoor, create distinctive and recognizable patterns. These patterns can never be duplicated because each surface reacts differently to the acid mixture producing its own color and pattern.
    People across the country are switching over to acid stain surfaces because:
    • Acid stained concrete is affordable. $2-$10 per square feet depending on how intricate the pattern you desire is.
    • The process can be done indoors or out.
    • Acid stains do not peel, chip, or fade.
    • It is possible to stain older concrete saving money on having to replace the slab
    • Aesthetically, acid staining creates a surface that is unique to each individual person
    We have serviced clients in many different industries that have all enjoyed the many benefits of acid stained concrete floors offer.
    • Storage facilities
    • Warehouses
    • Showrooms
    • Retail Spaces
    • Restaurants
    • Offices
    • Patios
    • Kitchens
    • Basement Floors
    • Garage Floors
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    Maintenance Tips and Tricks
    Even the most durable of surfaces requires a little bit of maintenance, everything needs a little bit of something. When you’re trying to figure out how much maintenance your new acid stained concrete floors are going to need it is important to know how much foot-traffic the floors are going to see. The great thing about concrete floors is that they are truly easy to clean even with the maintenance that they do require. Some general tips include:
    • Always looked for trapped dirt or debris when mopping, dusting, or sweeping
    • To reduce wear on your indoor floors, add rugs and carpets to entryways.
    • Always clean spills quickly.
    • Concrete floors are pet-friendly so the fur will be on the surface of your floors, simply sweep or vacuum regularly