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Our professional concrete professionals know how important it is to have a surface that not only looks good but has a long lifespan without needing constant repairs or replacements! Our floors are incredibly strong, and we ensure that we achieve 100% customer satisfaction!
Your business is important to us! We will enhance and/or rejuvenate your concrete floors!
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    Concrete Resurfacing
    Our experts offer fantastic customer service with different types of finishes for your polished concrete surfaces! We know that your business needs beautiful, safe, and long-lasting floors!
    concrete floor resurfacing

    Concrete Polishing

    What and Why
    Most people don’t realize that concrete is not only for basements and warehouses! Commercial concrete surfaces have seen a rise in popularity within the last couple of years and our team is here for it! We have expert concrete polishers who know just what to do to help your business flourish with new floors.
    Our team will mechanically grind down your concrete surface to achieve the desired degree of shine and smoothness. This is not a process that should be attempted as a DIY project! You run the risk of causing extensive damage to your businesses concrete and there will be a need to rent expensive equipment. Our team is highly trained and experienced, so don’t worry, we will work with you and your vision to bring your polished concrete into a reality.
    You can have polished concrete in:
    • Large warehouses
    • Outlets
    • Hotels
    • Offices buildings
    You can also have your concrete polished in smaller business areas! Your concrete, regardless of your business, is important to use!
    We also work with:
    • Mom and pop shops
    • Grocery stores
    • Local retail
    • Schools
    • And so much more

    Benefits of

    Commercial Concrete Polishing
    You haven’t seen the best part!
    So, what are businesses gaining from keeping the concrete on their property and enhancing it through our concrete polishing? The benefits of commercial properties extend beyond aesthetics.
    The businesses we service gain benefits like:
    • Eco-friendliness! Going green is a popular move for many different businesses and concrete polishing is an easy way to do it.
    • Resistance to high foot traffic extends the lifespan of your surface.
    • Polished concrete is uninhabitable by mold, mildew, and bacteria.
    • Less maintenance means more time for your customers
    • Resistance to moisture damage
    • Anti-slip finishes are available through our professionals
    Can all concrete be polished? And are there design options?
    • Structurally sound concrete can be rejuvenated
    • Smoothed surfaces can be decorated with an array of color
    • We can give your business a high sheen or low, your choice
    • Dyes, decorative options, stenciling, and faux finishes are available
    • Low pricing when you call us! Starting around $3
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    Maintenance Tips

    Commercial Concrete Flooring
    Although your newly polished floors are highly durable, maintenance is still required! Luckily, even though your polished concrete floors are not maintenance-free, their maintenance is quick and easy, but more than that, it is cheap and affordable! Keeping a weekly to a daily routine with your floors is all you need to keep your antimicrobial surface spotless. Quick steps like these will certainly keep your floors incredible spotless:
    • Dust mop your floors regularly
    • Remove objects that can cause damage
    • Use no abrasive pads when cleaning the surface
    • Neutral cleaners are a must
    • Clean spills immediately
    • Solutions used to clean should never be left to dry on the floor
    Maintaining your polished concrete floors does not require extensive, back-breaking, expensive work! Keep an easy routine regularly and your floors are guaranteed to last for decades to come!