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    Polished concrete floors are one of the easiest surfaces to maintain and to install for our professionals. We have serviced dozens of different companies in and around College Station and Bryan, TX over the past two decades. Whether you’re looking for a remodel or a new installation of concrete, having our professionals polish your surface is the most affordable, durable, and resistant decision you can make for your floors.

    Polished concrete surfaces create a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment in areas with high foot traffic, large spaces, and properties sticking to budgets. We work with our clients to stay in an affordable price range as well as never sacrifice the high-quality of our installations. We offer an incredible warranty, knowledgeable technicians, and an overall understanding of clientele and concrete surfaces. Our team here in College Station and Bryan, TX strives to ensure your experience is met with 100% dedication by all of our staff. You are in good hands here, just call to learn more.




    Our approach to every new project is a new and open-ended one. We have never approached two projects expecting to deliver the same outcome because no two slabs of concrete have identical experiences. Concrete polishing has a very standard, step-by-step process, and we do follow this process closely; however, we understand that repairs, inspection, and overall installation of these floors will vary depending on the condition of the floors, the age of the floor, and so much more. Our approach begins with our professional inspecting your surface and taking note of any repairs that are needed, coatings or paints that need removing, and the age/condition of the surface itself. Once these questions have been resolved the concrete will undergo grinding with different grits, a chemical hardener will be added to the surface, and a resin-bond will then be added, topping off the concrete polishing process with a stain guard for your floors.



    When concrete goes unpolished the tiny particles from dust are pushed to the surface and eventually creates efflorescence. Efflorescence consequently leads to dusting, which leads to either constant maintenance or expensive cleaners if left on the surface for too long. Bottom line? Concrete polishing ensures a buildup of dust does not happen on your floors.

    Stain-Resistant Floors

    Concrete is a porous material that can result in early aging, unsightly stains, and avoidable damage. A stain-resistant sealant that is added to polished concrete surfaces ensures that your floors will reject water absorption, oil damage, and more spills that would ruin your clean and shiny floors. Having clean floors does not have to be difficult or time-consuming, just call us.

    Improve Ambient Lighting

    For large areas, like warehouses, polished concrete floors add a special property, reflectivity. When poor warehouse lighting reflects off of the shiny polished concrete floor the lighting in the space becomes instantly better. By maximizing lighting with polished concrete our clients save money, become eco-friendlier, increase safety, and improves the overall appearance of your facility.

    Add Slip-Resistance

    Polished concrete floors may look deceiving to many people because of the way they shine! But don’t be fooled, polished concrete floors can be made to be highly slip-resistant, making them safe for areas with high amounts of foot traffic, children, or older adults. Our polished concrete will meet the OSHA standards when making your floors safely resistant to slippage.

    Reduce Maintenance

    Unlike most materials, polished concrete floors are extremely easy to maintain because they do not absorb anything! Spills, dirt, debris, etc. can all be easily mopped or swept away with weekly cleans. The concrete surface will not require special cleaners, waxes, or stain removers. We install floors that can withstand the tests of time, dirt, and spills!

    Highly Affordable

    It is no secret that polished concrete floors are affordable! These floors help our clients save on maintenance costs, repair costs, and replacement costs because the surface becomes so strong and durable. Installation and labor costs from our team are low and reasonable because we aren’t in the business of taking advantage of our clients! Call now to learn more.

    LEED Friendly

    One of the most popular reasons to have a polished concrete surface on your property is because of the positive environmental impacts. The fact that you don’t have to create any large amount of waste by ripping out old materials and installing new ones keeps the surface eco-friendly. Add in the elimination of chemicals and the surface you have just made your space highly eco-friendly.

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    Showroom Floors

    With multiple vehicles in one space, you need/want a surface that is sleek, smooth, shiny, and able to care for the vehicle’s tires. The surface that a polished concrete project provides helps elongate the tires of many vehicles and helps maintain the vehicle’s frame because of its smooth and even nature. Many showroom owners prefer polished concrete because it is easy to clean and compliments vehicles of all shapes, sizes, and colors remarkably well.

    Warehouse Floors

    Many of our warehouse clients enjoy our concrete polishing process/installation because it is rare that we ever ask them to stop production! If the warehouse is big enough to keep everyone spaced and safe, you can continue business as usual while we perform our duties. Warehouse surfaces need floors that improve lighting, can withstand heavy machinery and are easily kept clean! Polished concrete surfaces provide our clients with all of this and more.

    Basement Floors

    Having a basement surface that is strong, durable, and resistant to water-absorption can be critical to your budget! Basements need floors that are easily kept clean, require minimal maintenance, and can enhance the lighting. Reduce smells, stains, and accidents in your basement with a polished concrete project!

    Garage Floors

    Whether it is a large commercial garage or a personal garage, polished concrete floors are what you want in those spaces. They offer easily cleaned surfaces, level, and smooth concrete, and a beauty that makes your concrete look brand new. At an affordable rate, your surface can be quickly and easily upgraded by a professional polish.

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    What makes a professional concrete polish much more durable, affordable, long-lasting, and a sure bet than a DIY project? For starters, we have a warranty that will protect you for up to one-year post-installation! Our team is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction, so if we need to come back to repair an issue, we will. This is something that will not happen with a DIY kit and can end up costing you thousands of dollars in repair and reinstallation. Our team is also fully equipped with tools and machinery that will be needed for any installation. Don’t go out and rent all of the machinery needed when we already have it, just call.
    Polished concrete floors can be great additions to any space when they are professionally finished. Our surfaces will ensure you save money, time, and resources by simply calling our team to get the job done.
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