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    Concrete polishing is an affordable and effective method in ensuring that your concrete looks and feels amazing. Our professional concrete polishers installed concrete surfaces that are durable, long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing, and ones that are covered under strong insurance. Whether we’re polishing your floors due to a remodel or a new installation, we are here and prepared to help you and your property look and feel at your best.
    Polished concrete surfaces create safe and highly desirable commercial spaces for all of our clients. Our team here in College Station has over two decades of experience in concrete and concrete polishing. Your floors are in professionally trusted hands! All of our concrete polishers are experienced, trained, and insured. Our team has provided services to many different vendors and settings throughout the many years and we plan on having many more.




    Here in College Station, we treat every single one of our clients and prospective projects as one of a kind experiences; we are not a company that provides cookie-cutter designs or experiences. The concrete polishing process is, however, a very step-by-step process that allows us to provide incredible results. We will inspect your floors before the polishing process beginning to ensure that the surface can safely undergo the procedure. Next, our professionals will go about removing any existing coatings or residual paints/sealants. Once the surface is clean and approved to be shined, we will grind the service at various grit levels, apply a chemical hardener, and finish with a stain guard to protect the surface from future damages. Even though the process sounds straight forward, every surface is different, and we anticipate that! Don’t worry about anything, we are here for you.



    The benefits of a professionally polished concrete surface are highly underrated! Find the benefits below that appeal most to you and then give our team a call.

    Stain-Resistant Surface

    Who doesn’t want a stain-resistant surface? Regardless of where the polishing is happening, a stain-resistant surface is much more appealing to the eye. When we create a denser surface and seal off the concrete’s pores, the surface becomes impervious to spills, dust, and dirt. Your floor will be sealed so tightly that common issues like water, oil, and other liquids will no longer be an issue.

    Improved Slip-Resistant Surface

    Slip-resistance is crucial for any property or business that has heavy foot traffic, a lot of employees, or more property than people where accidents can happen. The floor is deceivingly shiny and reflective! Meaning, the floors will look extra slippery while being the opposite.

    Easily Maintained Surfaces

    Most flooring materials require special cleaners, deep cleans, continuous cleans, or delicate cleans! Luckily, once we polish your concrete floor that issue disappears. Polished concrete surfaces are incredibly resistant to staining, holding onto the dirt, or losing their shine. These floors do not require special cleaners, waxes, or treatments! Simply, mop or sweep periodically to keep a hygienic environment.

    LEED Friendly

    Polished concrete utilizes existing concrete, meaning, there is a reduction in CO2 emissions that are naturally caused by new flooring installation. With the reduction in needed materials, coatings, and trash elimination, your property moves towards being more sustainable. These details are important for business owners who are trying to be more environmentally conscious.

    Old Floors Get Done

    This has been a shock to many of our clients here in College Station because they do not have to rip out their concrete to have a nice appealing to the eye surface! Over time, concrete does age, like everything we use and own. As the surface ages, there is added stress, delamination, and more. We will mechanically grind the floor, which will lead to a stronger, shinier, and much more resistant surface without you needing to install a completely new slab.

    No Shutdowns Needed

    All of our new clients are always shocked! We don’t require facilities or plants to shut down because of our services. We are quick, efficient, and we know how important products can be. We do not want our clients to suffer losses for a floor polishing! So, call us today to learn more.

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    Auto Show Rooms

    Polished concrete floors are incredible for showrooms and garages that house vehicles. Uneven, spalling, cracking, and old concrete can have terrible side effects on car and truck tires. With a polished concrete floor, you are much more likely to preserve your vehicle’s cars and their tires. We have serviced many different showrooms, and all have loved our final products!

    Retail Store Polished Concrete

    Many of the retail properties our teams have serviced have enjoyed the beauty, safety, and longevity our floors have offered their business. We provide services that produce floors that are stain, scratch, slip, and impact resistant. Retail stores and properties enjoy having a reliable floor that is low-maintenance and under warranty.

    Warehouse Polished Concrete

    When choosing to have your warehouse floors polished, call Polished Concrete Houston here in College Station. We ensure that your warehouse will not have to shut down business or production while we polish your floors! We offer quick and reliable concrete polishing services that create a floor that is strong, durable, and attractive, even for warehouses! Every property needs a surface that is reliable, long-lasting, and affordable.

    Hotels and Restaurant Polished Concrete

    One of the hottest trends in décor is the chic rustic look! Concrete floors offer a combination of elegance and edgy design for businesses looking to step up their interior look. Our company can help upgrade your standard floors to something straight out of a magazine if that is the look you want. With a slip-resistant surface and one that refuses to absorb stains, your hotel, restaurant, lobby, etc. will be unstoppable.

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    Why should you always call the professionals instead of conducting a do it yourself project with your floors? Because you can either damage your floors or waste a lot of money on tools and equipment. When you call our team, we come prepared to handle the project quickly, efficiently, and affordably.
    DIY projects require you and your help to rent or purchase large machinery, expensive materials, and tools that will add up to a very large bill. Calling our team means having a team that is well equipped for anything to go wrong and everything to go right! Truth is, without proper training injury, property damage, and extensive repairs are possible.
    Our professional team has dedicated 25-years to concrete services! So, keep trusting us, our skills, our promises, and our amazing warranty. We will take care of you before, during, and after polishing takes place. Don’t damage your floors or empty your bank account, call us to learn more.




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