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As the leading concrete polishing company in the Houston area, we pride ourselves on our spectacular customer service and high-performing flooring installations. Concrete polishing is one of many things that we do best, and we can’t wait to join in on your polishing journey. Our technicians have decades of combined experience and are equipped to handle anything that comes their way. Polishing concrete is best left to the professionals, so don’t let just anyone handle your floors, give us a call today.
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    Need a new floor?
    Concrete Polishing
    Concrete floor polishing is quick, simple, and cost-effective. Many retailers, homeowners, and warehouse owners have all switched over to polished concrete floors because of the easy, affordable, and beautiful qualities these floors offer.

    Concrete Polishing

    Installation & Versatility
    With a beautiful glass-like finish, concrete polished floors are highly sought after in homes, commercial and industrial settings. Polished floors have become one of the most popular floors to install because of their efficient timing, meaning, for commercial and industrial areas a polished concrete floor will not slow business down for long. Homeowners have begun switching to concrete polished floors because they are highly economical when they are professionally installed. Maintaining these floors is one of the most life-changing qualities they contain because there is zero to none. Installing a polished concrete floor is simply the best decision you can make for your family, friends, guests, or customers.
    So how does the process begin? It is important to remember that each concrete floor is different, so our professionals will look at your floors through a unique and distinctive lens; however, the standard process for your floors should begin with our licensed technicians inspecting your floors. The inspection process is very important and should not be overlooked because if there are imperfections that hinder polishing your floors there could be an expensive repair as a result. The inspection process should be conducted by one of our professionals so that they can begin to remove stains, fill holes, mend cracks, remove residual coatings, and check what condition your concrete is in. Once these first steps have been taken, the grinding process can commence, the type and amount of grind that takes place is determined by how fine you wish your floors to be. As the grinding comes to an end, our technician will apply a hardener to your floors to create a much stronger and resilient floor. Polishing your concrete is actually the last step, the amount of grit depends on the sheen you desire for your floors.
    The versatility offered by polished concrete floors is incredibly undeniable.
    There are many residential, commercial, and industrial property owners that all utilize polished concrete floors, some of those areas include warehouses, food processing plants, packages plants, hotels, restaurants, lobbies, office buildings, showrooms, public restrooms, and retail stores. The possibilities offered by polished concrete floors are unlimited.

    Concrete Polishing

    The benefits offered by a polishing concrete floor company that truly knows how to properly install your floors stretch from the longevity of your floors to the affordability, both short and long-term.
    Our professionals know how important a polished concrete floor is to the daily life of your home, business, or warehouse. A properly installed polished concrete floor offers benefits for any setting they are in if they are installed by technicians who are not only experienced but licensed.
    Business, home, and industrial property owners benefit from a professionally installed concrete floor because of the beneficial cost-savings. Installation is not only insanely affordable, but the long-term maintenance required by polished concrete floors also lowers their price. Also, concrete floors are not susceptible to damages like staining, cracking, or water so they last much longer than any other flooring system. Commercial areas truly adore concrete polished floors because they do not wear in high foot-traffic areas, they do not become dull when they are highly used. Polished concrete floors are easy to clean and even easier to maintain that cleanliness because the polish keeps debris, grime, and dirt all on the surface making those issues easy to wipe up. Moisture can easily damage all and any types of floors, but not polished concrete floors. These floors are highly resistant to water damage because they block your concretes pores from absorbing water and become breeding grounds for mold, mildew, and bacteria. Their glass-like finish creates a beautifully bright and reflective surface that helps brighten any factory, warehouse, garage, or home with poor lighting.
    Concrete Polishing Benefits
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    Concrete Polishing

    A polished concrete floor is easily maintained and is highly resistant to even the most uncommon of potential damages; however, it is important to remember that everything requires a little bit of care.
    Concrete polished floors are no different, there a simple and quick suggested way to ensure your floor lasts for many decades.
    Concrete Polishing Maintenance

    Do you want your floors to last as long as possible?

    Follow some of these simple steps for your floors:
    Dusting, Mopping, Wiping
    It is important to dust and mop your floors. Sweeping your floors on a regular basis, especially areas with high foot traffic, can keep your floors safe from harboring harmful debris. Some sediment can be overly abrasive and cause damage to your floors. Mopping on a weekly basis will ensure your floors shine is never compromised and wiping spills up as soon as they are noticed is also important.
    Drying Cleaners
    Never let your cleaners dry on the surface of your floor but to truly clean your floors you must give the solution time to work. To break down the debris that your polished concrete floors keep on the surface it is important to let your cleaner sit on the surface but do not let it dry.
    It is important to periodically inspect your floors to ensure any minor damages or imperfections are taken care of before they create larger and unmanageable issues.
    It is not necessary to intensely scrub your floors and never isolate one area to over clean because your floors shine will be compromised.
    Avoid using cleaners that contain high levels of soap because they will leave residual streaks across your glossy floors dulling their shine. Do not allow your cleaners to dry on the surface of your floor and never use cleaners high in acidity.
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